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After immigrating to Texas as a teenager, Salman Bhojani worked 3 minimum wage jobs to help support his family–climbing the ladder from convenience store cashier to successful business owner, attorney, Euless City Councilman, and Texas State Representative.


Salman understands that when we give opportunities to every Texan, our state is stronger and our future is more secure. As State Representative, Salman will continue to fight for our community because everyone deserves the opportunity to live the American dream.

Born in Pakistan to a large family, Salman immigrated to the Lone Star State when he was 19 years old. After becoming a naturalized citizen, Salman earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas and became a small business owner—purchasing convenience stores across the DFW Metroplex.


He went on to earn a law degree from Southern Methodist University and a Comparative Law Diploma from Oxford University and eventually founded his own law firm, Bhojani Law PLLC.

Salman Bhojani sworn into Euless City Council

After finding a home in Euless with his young family, Salman continued to focus on his law practice and businesses. In 2018, Salman made national headlines when he was elected to the Euless City Council, becoming the first person of color to hold elected office in Euless. He went on to become the Mayor Pro Tem.

In 2022, Salman won his race for State Representa with 58% of the vote. Salman is the first Muslim and the first South Asian ever elected to the Texas Legislature. He is also the first person of color ever elected to represent House District 92.


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As a member, you'll have the opportunity to directly influence our office's legislative agenda, helping us to formulate responsive policies that truly address the needs of our diverse community. Whether your passion lies in education, healthcare, environmental protection, or social justice, your expertise and perspectives are needed. Together, we can ensure that our legislation accurately represents and effectively serves all constituents.

88th Legislative Session


Every two years, the Texas legislature meets for a regular session that lasts 140 days. During this time, lawmakers propose and pass legislation that will impact the entire state. 

Salman is working hard to pass bills that expand our economy, strengthen our public schools, and create a healthier Texas. Every session, lawmakers file thousands of bills. Rep. Bhojani is working with his colleagues to advance legislation that addresses kitchen table issues Texans face every day and fight against bad bills that work to divide Texans further.


Here's a look at what we're working on this session.

Bill Highlights

88th Session



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Texas House District 92 is a culturally and economically diverse district that includes parts of the cities of Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Grand Prairie, Arlington, and Fort Worth. The district is home to a thriving business community, with many small businesses and larger corporations located within its boundaries. 

HD 92 has a diverse population, with a mix of white, Hispanic, Black, and Asian residents. The district also has a significant immigrant population, with many residents hailing from India, Pakistan, and Mexico.

In his first term, Rep. Salman Bhojani has worked to address the unique needs and concerns of his community and ensure HD 92 remains a vibrant and prosperous place to live and work.

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District 92


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Wendy Davis Candace Valenzuela • Mayor Jim Ross Tracy Scott
Chairman Rafael Anchía
Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos • Rep. Alex Dominguez
Rep. James Talarico
• Mayor Curtis Cornelious Constable Ed Wright
Mayor Pro Tem Paul Meltzer
• Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Brandon Jones
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Mike Del Bosque
• Chair Carroll Robinson
Clerk Felicia Pitre 
• Councilman Harry Zimmer Councilwoman Vicki Byrd 
Councilwoman Alison Maguire
• Councilwoman Deb Armintor
Councilman Jamell Johnson • Trustee Nuzhat Hye • Trustee Arati Singh • Alice Yi 

business leader.


public servant.

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