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Economic Growth & Jobs

Texas has long been known as a business-friendly state.

As a business owner myself, I know that our business-friendly environment is part of why our economy is one of the largest and most thriving in the country.  Business and progress are not mutually exclusive, they are complementary components that contribute to our strong economy. 


I understand what it is like to have a vision, start a small business, and watch it grow. The challenge and achievement of building a large company: these are all integral to the American Dream. We can keep growing and expanding to increase jobs - especially as we navigate from the Pandemic. We can also take care of people and each other with better wages and benefits, and better working environments that are free of discrimination and harassment.


Growing our economy also means maintaining strong public schools, world-class universities, safe cities, a reliable water supply, good transportation networks, and expanding broadband access. We all benefit from an economy that lifts everyone up. I  encourage entrepreneurship, industry, and innovation; and I also want to ensure that we foster a thriving middle class.

I will advocate for further expansion of homestead exemptions for property tax relief for homeowners, I oppose sales tax increases, and as your next Texas State Representative, I will ensure that we do not enact a state income tax.

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