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Texas has the largest uninsured population of any state in the country, including as a percentage of our population.

No access to quality healthcare doesn’t lead to good public health outcomes. Insurance premiums go up for everyone when doctors and hospitals treat large numbers of uninsured patients.

I believe that Texans should get their share of federal tax dollars back that they pay to the federal government. Those lost federal dollars would help reduce the level of the uninsured in Texas and would help lower the local property taxes we pay for uncompensated care. This is part of why the expansion of Medicaid is so important for Texans. Millions of Texans will get access to healthcare they can't currently qualify for because Texas Republicans refuse to expand Medicaid. Working Texans should be able to get the benefits they need for their families to gain stronger financial footing, generate new jobs and continue to improve our economy. 

I also believe that Texans will benefit from public health policies that align with the best research from our medical community. I want to invest more in ensuring mental health services and foster care services are widely available.
With regards to women's healthcare, I support more state funding for women's healthcare which is the cornerstone for overall family health.  I would also like to promote better health literacy, which will make us healthier and help reduce costs in our system.

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