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Equality and Civil Rights

I am a committed public servant. My faith and values are committed to the humanity and well-being of everyone around me.

When I first came to this country and settled in Texas, I was guided by a strong belief in the goodness of Texans which demands equality for all. I have benefited from the opportunities given to me, opportunities that a few short decades ago would likely not have been given to me.


This is why I understand that our democracy is precious. Our democracy is protected by equal access at the ballot box, and opportunity and dignity are protected by equal pay for equal work. When I first immigrated to this country I was making $6 an hour - I know that you can't raise a family on that or on the current minimum wage. When I finally became a US Citizen, the right to vote was one of the most precious rights conferred to me as a US Citizen. A right I do not take for granted and I will fight to make sure all eligible voters have easier access to vote, not more barriers to casting their ballot.


When I become your next Texas State Legislator, I believe that state leaders must work to protect our constitutional rights. I believe that no Texan should have their rights denied because of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. These are all constitutionally protected rights and I will fight for those rights to be protected. 

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