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I believe that we have the ability to power homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. 

This is an issue that my children have deemed one of the most important for their future. Not only do I believe we can protect the environment from further damage but we can also repair and improve it.


Winter Storm Uri, in February of 2021, was a stark reminder that climate change is here and it is real. That storm overwhelmed the Texas energy system causing the deaths of 700 Texans, many to suffer in the cold without heat or water from down pumps or busted pipes. The storm created economic devastation and demonstrated how vulnerable our economy is to climate change. 


I believe we must upgrade and expand the Texas energy infrastructure, ensure safety and stability, incentivize investment and innovation, provide sufficient dispatchable generation and equitable delivery, and continue the trend of lowering carbon pollution.  We need policies that don't leave the burdens of being unprepared onto the everyday ratepayers. We need practical but aggressive plans to reduce our emissions and transition to clean energy if we want to have a planet that is hospitable for human life. It's time to improve our energy infrastructure and incentivize the development of new technologies and energy solutions. Our environment will thank us. Our children will thank us. And our economy will benefit from new industries, careers and jobs.

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