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Defending Democracy

The greatest country in the world is sustained by an unshakeable democracy.

I am determined to renew and recommit to basic civic values and to sustain our democracy.  The events on January 6, 2021, have strengthened my resolve to combat radical forces that want to undermine our democracy.

I believe in embracing the diversity that has made America the most vibrant and successful country in the world. America is a beacon because we believe in democracy as a way of resolving competing ideas and making decisions. I will no longer stand aside to watch radical extremists fearful of change and afraid of growing diversity try to undermine our democracy.
Voter suppression legislation and rampant gerrymandering are un-American and anti-democratic. We must fight to stop those who would take us backwards into a dark past of civil injustice and disparities based on race, gender or creed. I respect facts, human decency, the constitution, and the rule of law.
When I ran for Euless City Council in 2018, these same radical extremists tried to use my religion as a wedge issue. Instead, our community came together and saw through the disinformation to ultimately defend the people's votes and democracy.


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