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As a former Euless city council member and mayor pro-tem, I understand the importance of meeting the needs of local public safety and security.

A strong and reliable public safety program deserves well-funded police and fire departments to keep our neighborhoods safe, our first responders able to quickly respond to emergencies, and to ensure our first responders feel supported.


Our first responders face dangerous and difficult conditions every day. I also know that most police officers and first responders care about the community and want to keep us safe. I also understand that a few bad actors should be held accountable. When elected to the Texas State House, I will ensure that police and our first responders get the funding needed for tools and resources to perform their jobs including additional training related to diversity and equity.


I also believe in investing in the expansion of programs such as the Mental Health Deputy Program, to help cities get officers specially trained in crisis intervention through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement who work collaboratively with the community and the crisis-response teams of Local Mental Health Authorities and Local Behavioral Health Authorities.


I'm also a champion for criminal justice reforms that offer low-level offenders rehabilitation and treatment instead of incarceration. These reforms actually save taxpayer dollars and reduce repeat offenses.

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