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Protecting Our Children

The Texas Foster Care system is facing a capacity crisis putting hundreds of children at unreasonable risk of serious harm.

Hundreds of Texas children in Child Protective Services custody are forced to sleep in offices, motels, and other make-shift government shelters -- all unlicensed facilities. Something needs to be done to address these issues as well as Texas' continued failure to abide by a judge's ruling to fix the issue. I will fight to hold our own state agencies accountable and to adhere to a higher standard.


I will ensure we invest in resources that protect some of our most vulnerable youth in foster care. I will ensure resources from the Texas Youth Connection are restored to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website to ensure that important information including the suicide prevention hotline, LGBTQ legal services, and questions about defining gender and sexual identity are available to our youth, especially our  LGBTQ+ youth.


I will support and expand the partnership with Texas CASA, an advocacy group that recruits court-appointed special advocates for youth in the child welfare system. I want to improve access to high-quality treatment services and support for children, parents and families affected by substance use disorder and mental illness.

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