What Salman Stands for

Defending Democracy

The greatest country in the world is sustained by an unshakeable democracy. I am determined to renew and recommit to basic civic values and to sustain our democracy.  The events on January 6, 2021, have strengthened my resolve to combat radical forces that want to undermine our democracy.
I believe in embracing the diversity that has made America the most vibrant and successful country in the world. America is a beacon because we believe in democracy as a way of resolving competing ideas and making decisions. I will no longer stand aside to watch radical extremists fearful of change and afraid of growing diversity try to undermine our democracy.
Voter suppression legislation and rampant gerrymandering are un-American and anti-democratic. We must fight to stop those who would take us backwards into a dark past of civil injustice and disparities based on race, gender or creed. I respect facts, human decency, the constitution, and the rule of law.
When I ran for Euless City Council in 2018, these same radical extremists tried to use my religion as a wedge issue. Instead our community came together and saw through the disinformation to ultimately defend the people's votes and democracy. I am no stranger to that fight which makes me the best candidate to win in this district. 

Strong Public Schools

Quality education is a core value in our district and constitutionally mandated in Texas. Despite an increase in public school funding by the state of 5%, we need to work to sustain and build upon those gains. Teachers and staff need to be treated like the professionals that they are and teacher pay increases approved by the Texas Legislature in 2018 need to be funded.
The GOP leadership in Austin has a long-running poor record on preparing our children for the future by properly supporting public schools. The COVID pandemic has contributed to reducing readiness for Texas school children. I'm a firm believer and example of how much a quality education can provide upward mobility for our most precious resource.  
We need to ensure that the new investments in 2018 are yielding the results we expect. We must resist the temptation to go backward, and fall back into the pre-2019 cycle of leaving schools with “whatever is left” in the budget.  We need to put more resources into schools, and we need to do it in a way that does not place an undue burden on homeowners who have covered the bill as the state has reduced its contribution to public school funding. We also need to fully fund special education, as we are required to by law; and support trade programs, community colleges, adult education and other ways to prepare the future workforce so we can not only attract employers but also be competitive with other states.  

Economic Growth and Jobs

Texas has long been known as a business friendly state. As a business owner myself, I know that our business-friendly environment is part of why our economy is one of the largest and most thriving in the country.  Business and progress are not mutually exclusive, they are complementary components that contribute to our strong economy.  
I understand what it is like to have a vision, start a small business, and watch it grow. The challenge and achievement of building a large company: these are all integral to the American Dream. We can keep growing and expanding to increase jobs - especially as we navigate from the Pandemic. We can also take care of people and each other with better wages and benefits, and better working environments that are free of discrimination and harassment.
Growing our economy also means maintaining strong public schools, world-class universities, safe cities, a reliable water supply, good transportation networks, and expanding broadband access. We all benefit from an economy that lifts everyone up. I  encourage entrepreneurship, industry, and innovation; and I also want to ensure that we foster a thriving middle class.

I will advocate for further expansion of homestead exemptions for property tax relief for homeowners, I oppose sales tax increases, and as your next Texas State Representative I will ensure that we do not enact a state income tax. 

A Healthier Texas

Strong Public Safety and Security

Climate Change and the Environment

Texas has the largest uninsured population of any state in the country, including as a percentage of our population. No access to quality healthcare, doesn’t lead to good public health outcomes. Insurance premiums go up for everyone when doctors and hospitals treat large numbers of uninsured patients.
I believe that Texans should get their share of federal tax dollars back that they pay to the federal government. Those lost federal dollars would help reduce the level of the uninsured in Texas, and would help lower the local property taxes we pay for uncompensated care. This is part of why the expansion of Medicaid is so important for Texans. Millions of Texans will get access to healthcare they can't currently qualify for because Texas Republicans refuse to expand Medicaid. Working Texans should be able to get the benefits they need for their families to gain stronger financial footing, generate new jobs and continue to improve our economy. 

I also believe that Texans will benefit from public health policies that align with the best research from our medical community. I want to invest more in ensuring mental health services and foster care services are widely available.
With regards to women's healthcare, I support more state funding for women's healthcare which is the cornerstone for the overall family health.  I would also like to promote better health literacy, which will make us healthier and help reduce costs in our system.

As a former Euless city council member and mayor pro-tem, I understand the importance of meeting the needs of local public safety and security. A strong and reliable public safety program deserves well funded police and fire departments to keep our neighborhoods safe, our first responders able to quickly respond to emergencies, and to ensure our first responders feel supported.

Our first responders face dangerous and difficult conditions every day. I also know that most police officers and first responders care about the community and want to keep us safe. I also understand that a few bad actors should be held accountable. When elected to the Texas State House, I will ensure that police and our first responders get the funding needed for tools and resources to perform their jobs including additional training related to diversity and equity.
I also believe in investing in the expansion of programs such as the Mental Health Deputy Program, to help cities get officers specially trained in crisis intervention through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement who work collaboratively with the community and the crisis-response teams of Local Mental Health Authorities and Local Behavioral Health Authorities.
I'm also a champion for criminal justice reforms that offer low-level offenders rehabilitation and treatment instead of incarceration. These reforms actually save taxpayer dollars and reduce repeat offenses. 

I believe that we have the ability to power homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. This is an issue that my children have deemed one of the most important for their future. Not only do I believe we can protect the environment from further damage but we can also repair and improve it.

Winter Storm Uri, in February of 2021, was a stark reminder that climate change is here and it is real. That storm overwhelmed the Texas energy system causing the deaths of 700 Texans, many to suffer in the cold without heat or water from down pumps or busted pipes. The storm created economic devastation and demonstrated how vulnerable our economy is to climate change. 
I believe we must upgrade and expand the Texas energy infrastructure, ensure safety and stability, incentivize investment and innovation, provide sufficient dispatchable generation and equitable delivery, and continue the trend of lowering carbon pollution.  We need policies that don't leave the burdens of being unprepared onto the everyday ratepayers. We need practical but aggressive plans to reduce our emissions and transition to clean energy if we want to have a planet that is hospitable for human life. It's time to improve our energy infrastructure and incentivize development of new technologies and energy solutions. Our environment will thank us. Our children will thank us. And our economy will benefit from new industries, careers and jobs.


Balancing State and Local Control

Equality and Civil Rights

Protecting Our Children

My experience as an elected city council member has given me insight on what it takes for cities to run and the freedom they need to quickly respond to the needs of their citizens. Whether the issues relate to housing, roads, parks, infrastructure, public safety or public health  - - our cities need to feel like they are partners with our State officials not at odds with them.
Many of our representatives in Austin espouse values of individual responsibility and personal freedom, but they have also overreached with legislation meant to take decision-making power away from local Texas governments such as counties, cities and school boards. This goes against the grain of Texas values. Instead conservative state legislators want to investigate and ban books from the classroom meant to teach about pivotal moments in history or deny a child's right to be who they are and participate in sports. 
If people in a city want to pass an ordinance protecting employees' civil rights, or decide to improve working conditions, or make voting easier, then they should have that right to do so. We need a working balance between state authority and local control and the willingness for people to come to the table to create solutions for a better quality of life, not more restrictions that go against our Texas values. 

As your next Texas State representative, I recognize the need for local control and  it is part of the reason why I am running. To ensure Texas creates world class cities to attract businesses, people and jobs we need to make sure the officials that know them best can enact laws and ordinances that best fit the profiles of their cities and towns.

I am a committed public servant. My faith and values are committed to the humanity and well being of everyone around me. When I first came to this country and settled in Texas, I was guided by a strong belief in the goodness of Texans which demands equality for all. I have benefited from the opportunities given to me, opportunities that a few short decades ago would likely not have been given to me.
This is why I understand that our democracy is precious. Our democracy is protected by equal access at the ballot-box, and opportunity and dignity are protected by equal pay for equal work. When I first immigrated to this country I was making $6 an hour - I know that you can't raise a family on that or on the current minimum wage. When I finally became a US Citizen, the right to vote was one of the most precious rights conferred to me as a US Citizen. A right I do not take for granted and I will fight to make sure all eligible voters have easier access to vote, not more barriers to casting their ballot.
When I become your next Texas State Legislator, I believe that state leaders must work to protect our constitutional rights. I believe that no Texan should have their rights denied because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. These are all constitutionally protected rights and I will fight for those rights to be protected. 

The Texas Foster Care system is facing a capacity crisis putting hundreds of children at unreasonable risk of serious harm. Hundreds of Texas children in Child Protective Services custody are forced to sleep in offices, motels, and other make-shift government shelters -- all unlicensed facilities. Something needs to be done to address these issues as well as Texas' continued failure to abide by a judge's ruling to fix the issue. I will fight to hold our own state agencies accountable and to adhere to a higher standard.

I will ensure we invest in resources that protect some of our most vulnerable youth in foster care. I will ensure resources from the Texas Youth Connection are restored to the Texas Department of Family and Protective services website to ensure that important information including the suicide prevention hotline, LGBTQ legal services, and questions about defining gender and sexual identity are available to our youth, especially our  LGBTQ+ youth.
I will support and expand the partnership with Texas CASA, an advocacy group that recruits court appointed special advocates for youth in the child welfare system. I want to improve access to high-quality treatment services and support for children, parents and families affected by substance use disorder and mental illness.