We proudly endorse the experienced and progressive leadership of Salman Bhojani

"Salman has never shied away from the sacrifices necessary to lead. His years of service and experience as an attorney and city councilman will make him an excellent representative."

Alex Dominguez
Texas State Representative in District 37

Alex Dominguez
Texas State Representative District 37

Jim Ross
Mayor of Arlington

Jim Ross
Mayor of Arlington

Bruno Lozano
Mayor of Del Rio

Ellen Jones
Former HEB ISD Trustee

Mubasher Warraich
Former Candidate Euless City Council

Diana Saleh
Former Candidate Arlington City Council

Michael McPhail
Former SD9 SDEC Committeman

Safiya Wazir
New Hampshire State Representative

Paul Meltzer
Mayor Pro-Tem Denton

Felicia Pitre
Dallas County District Clerk

Saif Islam
Former Director of Good Citizens DFW

Brandon Murden
Former Candidate for Mesquite City Council

Bob Freeman
Deputy City Manager, City of Euless

Rachel Belmon

Eiman Siddiqui

Michele Dotson

Noor Rahimi

Sandi McGarry

Andrew Grundy III

Utsav Khatiwada

Victor Prieto

Richard Gaca

Kajol Surani

Nina Strenk

Tyler Beas

Stefan Powdrill

Christen LaChance, M.Ed.

Deborah Peterson

Erin Cox

Riyaz Hakani

Willene Bodine

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